Tuesday, November 23, 2010

# 49 - Get dressed up and go to a really fancy dinner....

So for our anniversary in June, Ryan bought me a gift package for the spa that included - back massage, facial, pedicure, hair and makeup. I didn't want to use it on any given day, as I didn't want to come home with my hair and makeup all done just to cook dinner and do dishes, so in other words I was saving it up for a special occasion. My birthday was last friday so I decided in advance that this would be a good opportunity; so I took the day off work and off to the spa I went. Since I was going to be all dolled up, I told Ryan that I wanted to go somewhere really fancy for dinner, not just fancy, but really fancy cause I wanted to get a nice dress. He made reservations at the Chateau laurier and Jen and I went on the hunt for dresses. It was beautiful, there were very few people there so we had the restaraunt to ourselves, we weren't overdressed and had a great evening. I had ceaser salad to start, prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies, with a delicious chocolate desert! We went out after and stayed the night in a nice hotel. All in all, a great evening, but so much fun to get dressed up!

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