My 101 Goals

A friend of mine told me about this list where you make a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days.  I thought it was a really good idea, and have decided to make a list of my own.  Can’t wait to start working on the tasks I’ve made for myself.

Completed:  example
In progress: example

Here’s my 101 list:

1.)Join community library and take out 5 books
2.)Go Ziplining
3.)Eat @ 5 restaurants I’ve never been to before (2/5)
4.)Eat something totally new (14-2-10)
5.)Put a letter in a bottle, and watch it float away
6.)Go shopping in the states with friends
7.)Go on a vacation somewhere I’ve never been (4-06-10)
8.)Go for a walk, @ least once a week for 2 months
9.)Learn 25 new recipes, and make them for family and friends (5/25)
10.)Have a candle lite party (15-01-10)
11.)Visit my grandma once every 2 months (this goal was accomplished, but unfortunatley my dear grandmother passed away in September - she will be missed...)
12.)Go to a psychic
13.)Have a picnic (basket, blanket, and all)
14.)Scrapbook an album of 30 poems, or quotes
15.)Leave ‘you are loved notes’ in 25 different places (1/25)
16.)Watch a scary movie
17.)Donate unworn clothing (all in bags! Just need to drop them off) (13-6-10)
18.)Give blood (27-10-09)
19.) Get a permanent job
20.)Take Jackson to Bruce Pitt Dog Park
21.)Plant a fruit tree
22.)Join something (ie. zumba class)
23.)Start a journal, and write in it @ least once a week
24.)Take a cake decorating class
25.)Go golfing with my dad
26.) Go canoeing
27.)Ride in a hot air balloon
28.)Go on a roadtrip
29.)Read 50 books in 1 year (16/50)
30.)Have my sister over for a weekend, and do some exciting sister stuff
31.)Go to a spa with my mom
32.)Visit a winery
33.)Finish decorating and organizing my scrapbook room
34.)Buy my hunny something… just because
35.)Take a train somewhere
36.)Buy a lotto ticket
37.)Go in a walk for a good cause (Womens Cancer Walk 2010, raised $1400, doing a 30km walk June 5, 2010)
38.)Have a bonfire in my back yard
39.)Visit a museum, preferably an art museum
40.)Keep my weight within 10 lbs. of my current weight (Starting weight: 145 lbs.)
41.)Help a stranger
42.)Write a will
43.)Eat vegetarian for one week
44.)Read a book that I would not normally choose for myself to read
45.)Go without time for one day
46.)Finish knitting my scarf – 24-12-09
47.)Learn how to knit a hat
48.)Wash the outside of my windows (I know.. exciting)
49.)Dress up and go to a really fancy dinner (19-11-10)
50.)Eat one fruit a day for 1 month (try new fruits, or different ways of eating them)
51.)Spend the afternoon at a beach
52.)No ordering food or eating out for 1 month
53.)A night without electricity
54.)Decorate a ‘food jar’  every time I waste food, put a nickel in the jar (jar decorated 30-09-09)
55.)Take three photos in black and white, and have them framed (1/3 photos taken)
56.)Buy a CHEO lottery ticket
57.)Set aside $25/month into personal savings, starting in 2010
58.)Go downhill skiing @ LEAST 3 times in ONE winter  :s
59.)Get family photos done
60.)Spend the day picking up garbage in the community with friends
61.)Volunteer at a soup kitchen
62.)Have a themed girl party
63.)Make something homeade… and jar it :)
64.)Think and do an awesome Aprils Fools Day Joke
65.)Send a friend something in the mail anonymously
66.)Have a fondue dinner, following with chocolate fondue desert (30-01-10)
67.)Write 12 letters to my grandma Lamb, about what is going on in my life that she is not able to see (1/12)
68.)Write out a romantic poem, and put it somewhere for Ryan to find ( 1 per month, for 12 months, doesn’t have to be consecutive) (2/12)
69.)Bake a treat and bring it into work for everyone to enjoy(16-10-09)
70.)Make my dog Jackson some homeade dog treats (22-12-09)
71.)Try lobster…again….
72.)Make a time capsule
73.)Send somebody special something, just because..
74.)Go to Gatinea Park (3-10-10)
75.)Make lemonade with fresh lemons
76.)Carve a pumpkin for Halloween (30-10-10)
77.)Donate a full shoe box at Christmas
78.)Make Ryan lunch for 1 week, just because
79.)Go to the comedy club ( I went already, but it was a fundraiser for my Womens Cancer Walk, will hopefully go again, just for fun :) )
80.)Try snowshoeing again (31-12-09)
81.)Eat a beaver tail on the canal… no matter how long the line is…
82.)Go to Niagara Falls with Ryan
83.)Go to a drive in movie
84.)Have Mom, and Holly over to make a scrapbook album on our old dog Tux
85.)Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle (bought the puzzle, now to put it together)
86.)Take a picture in photobooth
87.)Go ice skating at community rink with Ryan
88.)Spend an afternoon as a kid, enjoying the snow…snowball fight, snowman, and all that fun stuff
89.)Go indoor rock climbing
90.)Host a board game night
91.)Fly a kite
92.)Make homeade Christmas cards – 13-12-09
93.)Make an abstract painting and hang it somewhere in the house – 25-09-09
94.)Get 3 people to start a list (2/3)
95.)Make a vegetable and herb garden (hopefully this year)
96.)Bake someone a cake (..after taking my decorating class maybe? )
97.)Make my own recipe book and get it printed
98.)Put $2 in a personal savings account, every time a task is completed
99.)Donate $2 for every task not completed
100.)Celebrate reaching my 1001 day
101.)Scrapbook my journey of Project 101

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