Saturday, December 26, 2009

# 46 - Finish knitting my scarf

I finally finished knitting my scarf, and was eager to cast it off, so that I would be able to wear it on Christmas Day to show everyone. As this was my first finished product, this was my first time casting off. I read out of a knitting book, as well as watching a tutorial online, and I still managed to screw up my last stitch. I tried to fix it, and ended up with a hole in the end of the scarf. I was pretty ticked, but thought ‘oh well, just a little hole’. Then I realized every time that little hole got pulled on, I lost a stitch and the hole got bigger. So though the scarf is completed, I am not wearing it until I get a little help from someone who knows what there doing, and then I will start repairing :) Soon enough I will be making a matching hat… I hope :)

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