Sunday, October 4, 2009

# 3 - Eat at 5 new restaraunts

So last night we were planning on going to our usual restaurant. I put my shoes on and out the door we went, wearing a hoodie, no purse, and leaving the door unlocked. We got to the restaurant to find out that they were full and wouldn’t have room for a 1/2 hour so we decided to venture into Kemptville. No idea on where we were going to eat so we started to drive around. We passed this little restaurant called the Branch, and Ryan remembered someone at work saying that it was really good….and good it was! We walked in, and it is a tiny tiny place full of local artists art work. They have a microphone, and some music talent pretty much every night. We got soup to start, no charge, tiny little toast appetizers, and water with fresh orange and fresh lemon flavour. We looked at the menu and right away felt very very under dressed. There menu is full of local food (local meat, local vegetables, and even local beer and wine). And they change there menu with the season. The lights dimmed and the candles were lit, and our food was being set on the table.

Ryans order:

Meat and Potatoes: fresh O’Brien Farms striploin, cut to order & grilled to temperature and served with red wine gravy, smashed potatoes, and seasonal veggies :

6oz…$25.99, 8oz…$32.99, 10oz…$39.99, 12oz…$45.99

Pasture-raised, free-roamin’, happy Osgoode cows.

(suggested pairing: Robert’s Rock Cabernet Merlot)

My order:

Wholly Crêpes: morsels of herb roasted chicken and seasonal veggies wrapped in crêpes & served with sherry cream sauce, fresh herbs & sprouts, sweet-hot tomato chutney, and toasted garlic breadcrumbs …$21.99

They were absoloutley delicious!! Our bill was expensive, and we were definitely under dressed. (which you could see for sure as the small place started to fill up with their reservations). But we will be going back again. Hopefully when there is a show.

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